Austin Mahone’s Video for “Dirty Work” is Finally Here!

By: Ellie Doh
  TAGS:   Article, New Chill, Video

After stalking his Twitter feed and getting the chance to interview him about everything under the sun, we get to watch the music video Austin Mahone’s been working hard on all summer. The visuals for “Dirty Work” dropped this morning.

Suited up in a clean, tailored office look, Mahone reintroduces us to his dorky, but lovable alter-ego Dustin. We’re transplanted into the workplace where Mahone’s the boss for one epic all-nighter while the office’s executive overlord heads out on a “hot date.” One part Workaholics, one part The Office, this version of the corporate grind makes it look like something we can really get onboard with. It has all the trappings of a workplace sitcom: an office romance with the beautiful new coworker, a role-call of eccentric personalities laying out the water cooler gossip and Mahone and his work bros coordinating their dance moves up and down the halls. “Dirty Work” is the disco-infused lead single off Mahone’s debut album. Check out the video below.