Behind the Scenes at Firefly Festival with The Griswolds

By: Chris Gosling
Photo by Tyler Jones
Photo by Tyler Jones
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After proving that they were capable of becoming hometown heroes in Sydney, Australia, The Griswolds now have their eyes set on world domination. The quartet consisting of Tim John, Daniel Duque-Perez, Chris Whitehall, and Lachlan West began bubbling back in 2012, when their debut single “Mississippi” surfaced. Fans fells for their playful take on indie rock from the jump.

With hopes of building on their previous success, the boys released their single “Heart of a Lion,” which propelled the group to new heights. They thrived internationally; especially in the Netherlands where their track landed a No. 3 spot on the radio. Following the success of their single, they ventured over to the U.S. in hopes of striking gold. They released their debut album, Be Impressive in 2014 and have been touring and hitting the festival circuit ever since.

After crushing their set at Firefly, lead singers Chris and Daniel sat down with us to talk about their killer performance, summers back home in Australia, and their all-time favorite Slurpee® flavors.

How do you guys think your set went today?
Chris: It was probably our favorite show of all time. It’s going to take like three years to try and top that.

Daniel: I think I’m going to be depressed until something this good ever happens to me again, which might not ever happen. My life has peaked.

Chris: It was amazing. There were people as far as you can see. I’ve never seen people as far as you can see, you know what I mean?

Daniel: Only in World War Z.

What makes Firefly stand out in comparison to the other festivals you’ve played at?
Daniel: Pretty much everything, actually. There were cool people. It was the most loving vibe. People come from all over the country to Delaware to watch an amazing line up at this festival.

Chris: Most festivals back in Australia will have troublemakers and people getting kicked out constantly. But here, everyone seemed to have a fun-loving vibe.

Who on the line-up were you most excited to see?
Chris: Kings of Leon, Foster the People, The Killers, Walk the Moon, Cage the Elephant, and Bear Hands.

What do you miss most about summers back in Australia?
Chris: The beach, the water. Water is always fun because, I mean, there’s a lot of fantastic summers in America, but we can’t always go to the beach when we’re here. It’s weird. Like, where are your beaches? Where do they even exist? Can you tell me? Australia has some of the best beaches in the world.

Daniel: I also think we have the hottest ladies in the world, too. America has beautiful women, but I think there are actually more ladies than dudes back home.

What are your favorite Slurpee flavors?
Chris: I’m going to go with the purple one. I’m only saying that because I know there is no purple one! Joke’s on you. (Laughs) But no, my favorite Slurpee flavor is Coke.

When you guys were kids, what did your dream summer vacation look like?
Chris: You know what? It was on a farm, but the farm was also on a beach and there were horses. There was beach, a jet ski, and a river. There were like ten beautiful women and me and all my best friends in the world. I sat there on the porch and rocked on my rocking chair and drank a Slurpee.

Daniel: I think my dream summer vacation was one that didn’t end with having to go back to school, so it was like an endless summer.

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