The Greatest Celebrity Selfies of All Time

By: Vera Papisova
celebrity selfies
Photo by Al Seib/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
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We live in a world where every time you check your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feed, you’re not only going to see the Jenner sisters living the best life the first world has to offer, but you’re also going to see that girl from your high school promoting her new fashion blog with #OOTD posts. SERIOUSLY, Megan, get better lighting or stop wasting my time.

The first known selfie was taken in 1839 by Robert Cornelius and, since then, everyone from Ringo Starr to the Pope has followed in his footsteps. Though the exact dates are highly debated, the first #SPKSlurpeeSelfie factors heavily in the early lineage of the selfie phenomenon as well. The selfie’s popularity didn’t take off until around 2006, when MySpace made mirror pics a thing. Then, front-facing cellphone cameras happened around 2010, and by 2012 selfies were EVERYWHERE. A year later, Oxford English Dictionary declared “selfie” the term of 2013. If only Robert Cornelius could see how far our vanity and egos have come.

While us peasants can post all the #GPOYs we want, the best selfies have always and will always come from our beloved celebrities. In honor of the selfie’s progress, we’ve put together a list of the greatest celebrity selfies of all time in no particular order.

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Snoop Lion Pancake Face

Pancake Pimpn

A photo posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

Having a bad day? Not anymore you’re not. This image makes this list because it combines three things that are very important to the Internet: food, emojis, and Snoop Lion. His name may change, but his pancake face selfie is forever. I mean, have you ever seen anything like this? Sure, maybe at your local IHOP you have, but was Snoop Lion the man behind the pancake? Nay. Snoop Lion is so influential in the world of selfies, that there’s an actual app called Snoopify where you can edit your selfies into Snoop-themed masterpieces. Chrissy Teigen with cheese

I gotta say, it’s better with a cracker A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Everyone’s favorite supermodel/chef Chrissy Teigen is one of the few celebrities who has kept it real since day one, and this photo captures exactly why she is an Internet darling. Her love of food is so real that not only does she have a cooking blog called Delushious, but she went to culinary school and is coming out with her own cookbook. This selfie makes our list because one day she’s working the red carpet in Balmain, and the next she’s a cheese-eating weirdo like the rest of us. She is truly one of us.


Terry W Virts, Jr. in Space

If you don’t like space, I don’t like you. Selfies in space have been a reality since Buzz Aldrin took the first one in 1966. Consider this one by Terry W. Virts, Jr. the upgrade. Virts is a NASA astronaut and Colonel in the United States Air Force. In essence, he is a badass, and this photo is the selfie every kid (and possibly adult) dreams of taking. Ellen’s Oscars Selfie

At the 2014 Oscars, host and sweetheart Ellen DeGeneres decided she wanted to break the record for most retweets. What happened next is as majestic now as it was when it first happened. She tweeted a celebrity-packed selfie that both shattered the retweet record and also temporarily shut down Twitter. Damn, she’s good.


Conan + Ricky Gervais taking a bath

What happens in the bathtub stays in the bathtub, unless you’re Ricky Gervais. Gervais does this thing where he posts bathtub selfies to his Twitter. If you follow him on Twitter, you may have your favorites, but this particular bathtub selfie features Conan O’Brien with him in the tub, making it the greatest selfie he has ever taken, and one of the greatest celebrity selfies of all time. Fan gets selfie with Beyoncé

Queen B 🐝 #mrscartershow A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀Valentina Attard (@valentinaattard) on

This lucky Beyoncé fan was just minding her own business in the front row of a Beyoncé show when, all of a sudden, she had the urge to take a selfie with the queen of all queens. One thing led to another (she literally just asked Bey to take a selfie with her), and Beyoncé ACTUALLY kneeled down and TOOK A SELFIE WITH HER. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? AMAZING.

Rihanna at Carnival


A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Listen, there are so many Rihanna selfies to choose from that it almost doesn’t matter which one we choose. ALMOST. This selfie makes our list because it shows RiRi’s passion for her country. Every summer, Barbados hosts the Crop Over festival, a celebration marking the end of the sugar-cane harvest. It ends with the Grand Kadooment parade also known as Carnival, and Rihanna never fails to disappoint with her costumes. Looking angelic as ever, Rihanna looks stunning in a selfie that is the epitome of strength and beauty. Chris Pratt shirtless

Six months no beer. #GOTG Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me. A photo posted by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on

Remember that time you said you were going to the gym but decided not to? This is the selfie that trumps all selfies when it comes to #fitspiration. Chris Pratt has been having a moment ever since he slayed the Internet with this shirtless selfie in 2013. Pratt (AKA the beloved Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation) traded in his #dadbod for rock hard abs in preparation for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy. Turns out hard work pays off because everyone praised the actor for his transformation. He posted the selfie to Instagram, along with the caption: “Six months no beer. #GOTG Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me.” Don’t worry Chris, no one is sad you posted it.