Megan Nicole’s 10-Step Guide to Making Summer 2015 the Best One of Your Life

By: Blake Ryan
  TAGS:   Article, Exclusive

Actress and singer/songwriter Megan Nicole knows a thing or two about summer. In fact, she’s gearing up to release her first feature film called Summer Forever, a digital musical shot in Los Angeles set for release in August. “I’m super excited,” she told us from the car. When we caught up with her she was road tripping back to Los Angeles from a weekend in The Bay Area with her family. A true summer pro, she shared some insider info about the upcoming movie: “Everyone will be able to relate to it in some way,” she said. “We’ve all been through that transition from high school to adulthood. It’s all about finding out who you are.” In anticipation of the release of Summer Forever, we got the lowdown from Megan Nicole on her favorite summer activities. From road trips and movie nights to giving back, and having the perfect summer look, Megan Nicole lets us in on her tips for making this summer the best one ever.

  1. Take a road trip.
  2. Make time for the beach.
  3. Make your own list of things you want to accomplish, and set out to do those for the summer.
  4. Don’t be afraid to take the right risk. Go do something you’ve never done before, like Karaoke. Take chances you wouldn’t usually.
  5. Try a new food; cook something, or create something. My sister is more of the baker in the family, she just made these peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips in them. Get together with your friends and cook!
  6. Make a list of movies you haven’t seen, but want to. Have movie nights with your friends: I’ve never seen any of the Jurassic Park movies yet, so I have to have a marathon before the new one comes out!
  7. Try a new summer look for fun—a new hair cut, something new you do with your clothes, your make up. I went lighter with my hair pretty recently! Not anything crazy. And a summer tan!
  8. Get into a book series! I’m really into the Maze Runner series—the new movie for the second book is coming out in the fall.
  9. Listen to some new music. Catey Shaw is a new artist I’ve been jamming to a lot for summertime, I love her stuff!
  10. Find ways to get involved and give back to your community. That’s something I’d like to get into this summer. I’m interested in working with a group called teen challenge, and work with young adults who are going through tough times. Good way to spend your summer, you don’t realize how much it makes you feel good to give back as well.