Meghan Trainor’s Guide to Dating, According to Her Lyrics

By: Elizabeth Enochs
Image via Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia
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We all know dating can be fun once you get past all that first date awkwardness, but sometimes dating is just the worst. Few things in this life will make you feel more confused, vulnerable, and downright crazy than dating does. But, if you don’t believe me, you better believe Miss Meghan Trainor. Her new album, Title, might as well be subtitled: A Millennial’s Guide to Dating, because that chick lays down some serious dating knowledge in her new tracks. So, if the drawbacks of dating are getting you down, or your dating life is awesome right now and you just want to keep a good thing going, you need to read the following ten dating tips—courtesy of Meghan Trainor’s lyrics.

Be True to Yourself


You should never be with someone who makes you feel bad about your body. Instead, do like M-Train does in “All About that Bass” and tell those jokers to “go ahead and move along” because there are plenty of people who would love to date you just the way you are.

Know What You Want


Knowing what you want is easier said than done, but it’s a pretty big deal when you’re dating. We’re not saying you should put your casual hookups through a rigorous interview process or anything, but if things start to get serious with someone then you need to follow Miss Trainor’s example in “Dear Future Husband,” and be clear about what you’re looking for in a serious partner.

Never Settle for Almost


It can be super tempting to settle for someone you know isn’t quite the right match for you, but don’t do it. Ending things with someone who’s perfectly nice and fun will probably make you feel like a Disney witch for a while, but if dating them feels forced or you lack chemistry, then you need to have a listen to “Mr. Almost” by Meghan Trainor. Because if the person you’re dating is “so close” to being right for you, they’re wrong for you.

Be Selfish With Your Heart


If you ever have to choose between pursuing your dreams or dating someone, listen to your “selfish heart” like Meghan did and follow those dreams. Breaking your lover’s heart won’t be easy and it won’t be fun, but a healthy relationship shouldn’t make you feel guilty for being ambitious either.

Remember, Exes Aren’t the Enemy


A certain amount of jealousy is pretty normal when you’re dating, but try not to spiral into a Hulk-esque rage if you run into your significant other’s ex. Look at exes the way Meghan Trainor does in “Credit.” Every person your significant other dated before you helped make them the person they are today, and you like that person. So, don’t be threatened by ancient history. Be grateful for what those people taught your SO, and chill.

Own Your Mistakes


Like Meghan says in “Walkashame” we’ve all been there. So, do as Meghan suggests: keep your chin up, rock that bedhead, and walk it out like a boss.

Listen to Your Friends


Don’t let your friends make your decisions for you, but if they tell you the person you’re dating is a tool, like Meghan does in “No Good for You,” then you should probably listen to them, because they love you.

Lying Is Not Okay


There’s no excuse for lying or cheating. So if you catch the person you’re dating doing either of those things, it’s time to channel Miss Trainor in “Lips are Movin’” and tell them “bye, bye, bye.”

Texting Your Ex Is Never a Good Idea


We don’t care how important you think it is to tell your ex you miss the way they spoon. When it’s after midnight and you’re out, take M-Train’s advice in “3am” and have a friend take away your phone.

Love for Today
“Wherever we’re standing/I won’t take you for granted/’Cause we’ll never know when we’ll run out of time.”

If you’re lucky enough to be dating the person of your dreams, don’t take them for granted. Treat every day with them like it’s your last, just like Meghan sings about in “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.”

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