The Governors Ball Survival Guide

By: Elizabeth Enochs
Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images
Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images
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Are you counting down the days until the fifth annual Governors Ball? If so, then take our advice and start prepping now. We know festivalgoers are generally mega chill by nature, and that’s awesome, but you should still have a game plan. We’re not saying you need to plan your festival experience down to the minute, but “winging it” probably won’t work either. So, whether getting to Randall’s Island Park and the awesomeness that is Governors Ball means taking a long walk from your apartment or a long drive from some adorable Midwestern town, you should read these 10 tips before heading out. And for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Governors Ball, scan your 7-Eleven® app every time you buy a Slurpee®—VIP tickets included.

Maybe you come from somewhere with much hotter summers than NYC and think water is the most boring drink ever, but you still got to drink it. That doesn’t mean you have to lug around a whole 24 pack of water bottles, though. Free water stations will be posted up throughout the fest, so just bring your own water bottle or canteen from home and you’ll be golden.

Anticipate loud crowds.
Music festivals are always crowded and super loud, but most festivals are out in the middle of nowhere. Governors Ball, on the other hand, has to pack thousands of music lovers onto one island. So, don’t let it kill your vibe if someone accidentally invades your personal bubble, because chances are you’ll accidentally invade theirs, too.

Be prepared for crowd surfers.
Even if you picked a concert so chill that crowd surfing doesn’t seem possible, you still need to be ready to throw your dang hands up for your fellow festivalgoers. Whether you seriously dig crowd surfing or you think it’s kind of ridiculous, you always have to be ready for it.

Guard your wristband with your life.
This is basically music festival 101. But seriously, don’t forget or lose your wristband. You won’t be admitted without it (even if your dog really did eat it).

Don’t bring racks on racks.
You should obviously bring some cash if for no other reason than to pay for your transportation to and from the festival. But don’t empty out your bank account or anything because ATMs will be scattered all over the island. So if you end up spending all the cash you brought on t-shirts and tacos, there’s no need to worry. As long as you can remember your pin number.

Do bring snacks on snacks.
Definitely check out some of the food Governors ball prides itself on, but pack something to munch on, too. You’re probably going to get hungry a lot between all the walking, dancing, crowd surfing, and whatever else you decide to do at the festival, but you don’t want to spend all your precious time waiting in food truck lines. If nothing else, pack a snack for your backpack and flash your 7-Eleven app for a free Slurpee at their truck when you need a pick-me-up.

Dress for comfort.
We’re sure you look phenomenal in your tightest skinny jeans, but will you be comfortable in them? Remember, breathable fabrics are your friend. So unless you enjoy sweating profusely, stick to cotton, linen, hemp, or rayon for all your festival outfits.

Pack for rain or shine.
Governors Ball is a rain or shine event. Which means regardless of what the sky is up to, the show will go on. So take the extra fifteen seconds to pack a poncho and some sunscreen, because Governors Ball doesn’t do refunds, reschedules, or re-entries.

Sneakiness is overrated.
Do everyone a favor and don’t try to sneak in banned items! It could ruin the whole awesome experience for you and your friends.

Be nice.
Governors Ball is really just about getting together and chilling with fellow music lovers. So, whether you’re the shy, reserved type who brings books to parties, or you’re the loudest, flashiest dancer in the crowd: be nice, have fun, and help each other out. Because that’s kind of what music festivals are all about.